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Why the Kaufhaus is the right project for Bolzano:

1) New ideas for the future

Corner shops are obsolete

The Kaufhaus Bozen-Bolzano includes a city centre shopping mall, a hotel and apartments. The realisation of a big shopping mall will breath new life into the region and will bring only positive effects. It is estimated that this opportunity will create quadrillion precarious low-wage jobs that will fit in excellently with the incompetent and unqualified workforce of Bolzano. There is no need to care about the loss of traditional shops and workplaces caused by the absorption of buying power. We simply don't consider them.

2) Mobility


Thanks to our ingenious transport concept, traffic will be reduced by 80% within 50m around the shopping centre. We are interested in a rich and paying clientele that on the one hand wants to park their cars comfortably but on the other hand enjoys strolling around without disturbance. The solution is an underground car park that will be linked to the complex by a 300m long tunnel underneath the street. Also, it was necessary to remove the bus station of Bolzano in order to make room for our construction. As a neat side-effect we keep away those poor commuters and old people that aren't part of our target audience. We find it appropriate that we won't spend a cent for these infrastructures and that the tax-payers of Bolzano will pay almost 30 million Euros for structures we are benefiting from.

3) Development against degradation


We are convinced that the situation beneath the train station of Bolzano is unbearable. Only social segregation and gentrification can save the city-centre. Due to the construction of the shopping centre we will push away those homeless people by almost 200m. There will be an exclusive Gated Community on top of the shopping centre that encompasses a greened roof and powerful elevators. A prestigious hotel will represent the completion of a phenomenal monument that has been envisaged by star architect David Chipperfield. The plan is so monumental that even the mayor at the time helps us to convince the last, stubborn inhabitants of that area to sell their property to Renè Benko.


4) Public-private partnership


After the success of the infinite procedure that makes the Kaufhaus possible we can state that Bolzano will attract even bigger investments in the future. The city government finally revealed that the profitability of real estate speculation is more important than any consideration about long-term social or environmental effects. What is more, those 180-300 million Euro we're investing will soon return into our pockets. So thanks to politicians, consumers and citizens there is absolutely no need to worry about our bottom-line.

5) Participation and democracy


Every citizen wants the shopping-mall. These are the words of the citizen association "Bolzano tomorrow" that has been created to promote our investments. By spending money the right way we are able to place advertisements and stimulate a hopefully biased public debate while selling our assertions as objective information. Sometimes, the pressure is insufficient to influence the politicians as we desire. In july 2015 our project was refused by the city council of Bolzano. The city government didn't survive because of this. But ex-mayor Luigi Spagnolli in an act of heroism managed to revoke the legal effects of the negative voting on his last day in office. In consequence the city was passed into the hands of the commissioner Penta until the new elections take place. But while the city is without government, it's easy to make things pass. In order to legitimate the decision to approve the project, Penta called out a "referendum". Our fortune is that this survey called "referendum" by most journalists has no legal value. In case the inhabitants of Bolzano vote against our project during the week from 29 March to 4th April, the next city council can still approve our project while just pretending that a "referendum" never even existed. This is democracy how we like it.

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